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Karmann Stainless Steel Bumpers late Style 1972-1974

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Karmann Stainless Steel Bumpers late Style 1972-1974

The bumpers are made from high quality stainless steel (1.4301) CrMiNm manufactured. Approximately 1 / 5 of the stainless steel is pure chrome!

They are compatible with the original in shape, size and dimension and absolutely comparable, because they are copied the original bumpers.

The bumpers are polished to high gloss us not rust. They look like chrome! Compared with chrome bumpers stainless steel bumpers offer important advantages:

  • They do not rust,
  • small bumps can beaten back,
  • scratches can be polished away,
  • the back of the bumpers are acid etch primed and painted with two pack paint in black

Our offer includes a complete set of front and rear bumpers :

  • 1 front bumper
  • 1 rear bumper




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